Welcome to my playroom

These pages have nothing to do with boules or Machen Pétanque Club. I just happen to have put them here to see if they work. However you found your way here, welcome again.

Many years ago I used to write interactive stuff for my students at what was then the University of Glamorgan. Now I've just done a short course with Futurelearn which has inspired me to re-look at what I did 15, 20 years ago.

These pages are my playroom but you too are welcome to play with my toys - not that there are many.

As a retirement hobby I started learning Spanish.
I wrote a little exercise to teach myself a bit of computing and a bit of Spanish at the same time.

Click on the flag of Castile & León to try it out.

Flag of Castile & León

(Flag image by Rastrojo (D•ES) - own work, CC BY 3.0, taken from


2019 was the year of the Periodic Table
Every element in that table has a symbol.
Click on the picture to see how many symbols you know.

the elements


My latest venture is into learning Welsh.
Choose your vocabulary test by selecting your level with the links next to the Welsh flag.

Welsh flag

Mynediad (Entry, level A1)

Sylvaen (Foundation, level 2)

Canolradd (Intermediate)


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